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When single philippines women first fall in love, it is the honeymoon a time of magic and wonder. Hearts open. Spirits soar. In this expansive state, with ecstatic feelings of being in love, philippines brides may feel they are filipino brides. Here is the sense we make of this. The feeling of filipino dating is all about the incredible openness and receptivity, the expansion so far beyond our norm and comfort zone, the heightened clear access to energy and passion. This is our internal state. We assume it comes from outside of us from filipino girls we are with. In a word, we call them our philippines girls. But what we are really talking about is our own internal state of expansion. Some say the honeymoon is like a spiritual experience. But reality says the honeymoon does not last forever. So it is important to refine our thinking about philippines penpals and what is essential for a lasting relationship. Love is everything, right? We want the honeymoon to last forever. If you find your soulmate, you live happily ever after, right? It's predestined, right? What every honeymoon lover hopes for, and wants to believe, is that famous song verse is going to be true for them. It takes more than just love or that incomparable opening and expansion in the honeymoon to have a lasting relationship. Countless single filipino women start with total positive feelings of being in love, and then somewhere down the road, they painfully split up. What does this reality tell us? In the honeymoon, we coast along in a purely receptive role. There is nothing we have to do. We just enjoy all those great honeymoon feelings of being in love. During this phase, we feel our partner inspires and uplifts us. Yet when differences or upset feelings arise in a relationship, as inevitably they will, we find ourselves without our source of inspiration. Filipino penpals want that missing uplift, and neither is able to inspire it. Finding a soulmate is not enough. There is the moment in all Philippines dating when a couple turns from the bliss of the honeymoon and encounters their first problems.

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