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Trade Links With Other Asian Dating Websites

Trade links with our Asian dating website at once. We manage the sites listed in the code below.  All you need to do is copy and paste the following html onto your home page or links page.  We will give you a home page link or interior page link depending on where you put our link. We will then link to your Asian dating site on the first day of the following month.(This keeps us from having to edit our sites every day) This will save you time as well and get your website good link poplularity and more links.(This link is for Asian dating sites only)
1. AFTER you have added our links and published your website send a email to globaltrafficpartners@yahoo.com let us know the URL where we can find our links.
2. Tell ou your URL and the text(Example: Asian Women linked to www.women-in-asia.com) you want linked to your Asian dating web page.

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